Curly Wigs are The Perfect Texture to Wear in The Summer. Find Out Why!

Human Hair Curly Wigs are great to wear in
the summer for several reasons. They are easy to manage, need little
maintenance and will provide you with a long lasting hairstyle. The better care
you take of your curls, the longer your wig will last. Despite what many may
think, a well taken care of wig can last you years.

woman in a curly short wig

Synthetic Wigs vs Human Hair Wigs?

When it comes to a busy lifestyle
and everyday wear, which should you choose? Synthetic or Human Hair? Well,
Synthetic Hair needs more maintenance and is not the best suited hair to wear
on the daily as it may shorten the life of the unit. Good quality ones will
tangle minimally or not at all. Keep in mind though that they are made
from synthetic hair so they will not behave 100%
like Human Hair. Another thing is that when they are exposed to harsh elements
like chlorine or sea water, they may or may not come back from such harsh
abuse. So, for the summer and everyday wear, I say a Curly Human Hair Wig is
the way to go. There are several reasons why they are great to wear in warmer
weather, but I will only mention a few here.

women in curly wigs

Ease of Maintenance

If your wig is a style that needs curling, you won’t need t do it every day. Twice a week should be good
enough to keep your hair looking beautiful. Before you embark on creating those
perfect curls, just make sure that you have the hair well lubricated and use a
humidity and heat protectant. This will ensure that your curls are protected
from the heat of your appliances as well as the elements. For textures with
permanent curls like kinky curly, heat styling is not recommended. However, you
can easily finger comb and be out the door in a matter of minutes.

woman in a curly bob wig

Favorable Weather for Curly Hair

Because summer is filled with
good weather and hot sun, we tend to get involved in more water activities.
Although summers are usually hot, it may be humid. In many cases we may
experience summer rain storms which can affect the humidity of straighter hair.

The good thing is, textures like Kinky Curly, Deep Wave and Water Wave love moisture. Actually, the more
moisture the better. When water touches these textures, the curls and the waves
snap back into place giving your style a revived appearance. So, when you have
to be out and about in inclement weather, you won’t have to worry about your
hair at all. You may even be welcoming the rain.

woman in a curly short hair wig

The Wet Look for the Summer

In the summer, the Wet Hair Look
tends to be trending. Curly wigs are great for this look. You can dampen the
hair and add your favorite curl defining products to get the best curl
definition possible. Once you are out and about, your hair will dry, but it
will still have that nice wet look that you desire. If your hair gets wet when
you are out and about then it’s no biggie because your curls will love it. For good summer maintenance, always follow the best advice to keep your wigs looking cute in the summer.


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