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Learn What is Wig Density: A Full Explanation

If you are new to buying wigs, you may be confused when it comes to a what wig density means. When shopping for a wig, it’s important to know about the density of the hair. There are different densities and the one you choose depends on your preferences and your budget. Generally, the higher the density, the more expensive the wig. Read on to learn more about What is Wig Density.

What is wig density?

What is Wig Density and What is The Best Wig Density?

The best wig density is the one that looks the best on you. Since everyone has different facial features and they are a plethora of hairstyles out there, you need to find the right density that looks best on you for the style you choose. If you are new to choosing a wig density, stick to a 150% density which is a normal thickness for an average person. To learn more about other densities, read on.

What is Wig Density and How is Wig Density Measured?

The density of a wig is measured in hair strands per square inch. A higher density means thicker hair, while a lower density means thinner hair. Wigs come in a range of density, with the most popular ones being from 130% to 250%. The most common density is 150% wig density, which is considered medium to thick and more closely mimics the hair density of a normal head of hair. For hair that is fuller than the average, 180% to 250% density are the ones to choose.

What is Wig Density’s Relevance When it Comes to Wig Buying?

Buy what is wig density and its importance when it comes to buying a wig? Density is an important factor when buying a wig, but it can be confusing. You should understand that the higher the density, the higher the price. Also, the more density a wig has, the thicker it will be. You need to be aware of wig density as it determines the look of the wig and how it will go with your features. You should be careful when considering the density you choose. For example, an eight-inch wig with 200% density would be unnatural looking. For short wigs, consider a density that is 180% or lower. Continue reading to learn more about What is Wig Density.

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Low-density wigs 

What is wig density when it comes to low-density wigs? Low-density wigs are anything with a density below 150%. While a low-density wig is good for those who want to look natural, people with thick or coarse hair may not want to purchase a wig with low density. The thickness you choose is determined usually by your preferences and what you think may best suit your features. 

Small facial features go well with low-density wigs

What is wig density when it comes to density vs features? you have small features or a small face, a low-density wig may be best for you. Thick wigs tend to “swallow” small features and can be unappealing so a thinner low-density wig will give you a more natural look. Usually, one that is 130% to 140% density is a good one to choose. But in many cases, 150% density is also acceptable. However, if you are going for a dramatic look with big hair, a higher density may be right for you. But, ultimately, the choice of density should be based on your lifestyle and the look you are going for.

What is Wig Density’s Significance When it Comes to Lighter Shades?

If you are wondering what is wig density’s significance when it comes to lighter wigs, it makes a difference. For wigs with low density, lighter colors are not recommended. 613 Wigs, Light Pink Wigs and other wigs with lighter colors will not be very flattering in low densities. Problems such as the tracks showing through the hair can arise with wigs that have 130% Density or lower. The style will also lack dimension and the lighter color will make your hair appear flat and unappealing. So if you need a wig with a light color, you should buy one that is at least 150% density or higher.

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Medium density wigs

A medium-density wig is the most common type on the market. This density mimics the thickness of the hair of an average person. 

What is a 150% density wig?

A 150% Density Wig is a wig that has average density hair distribution per square inch. In other words, the density of strands per square inch is equal to that of an average person’s hair thickness. 150% Density wigs can also be referred to as medium density wigs and will give you the most natural look. These wigs are suitable for women who want to make their hair look natural or who want to hide a receding hairline

Wig density differences and styling

Wigs with this density are easy to handle and can be styled with little effort. Keep in mind that the density of a wig will affect its styling. Generally, the thicker the wig, the more difficult it may be to handle on a daily basis and it may require more maintenance and more washing because of excess product buildup. And if you are an active person, a medium-density wig may be better for you as it will be easier to maintain than a thicker one. This type is ideal for customers who don’t require a lot of volume but don’t need to be super-light either. A medium-density wig is also easier when it comes to heat styling than a thicker one.

A medium-density wig is a great choice for many different situations. It fits most people without making their hair look too thin or too thick. Because they are close to the density of human hair, they offer a realistic look and feel. They are a great choice for new wig buyers who need a unit that is easy to manage and one that offers excellent breathability. Continue reading to learn more about what is wig density.

What Does 180% Density Wig Mean?

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A 180% density wig is a wig that has an average higher density or higher thickness level than a normal head of hair. When we say someone has a thick head of hair, we would usually be referring to a person with a hair thickness equivalent to 180% wig density.

What is the difference between a 150% and 180% density wig?

What is wig density when it comes to percentages? What does it all mean? The difference is the thickness. The main difference between these two wig densities is that a 180% density wig will be slightly thicker than a 150% density wig. The volume of the hair strands will determine the thickness. A 180% density wig will give you more volume than a 150% density wig would.

High-density wig

So what is wig density when it comes to high density wigs? The hair density of a wig is a very important consideration. But if you are looking for a dense, celebrity-like wig, you should go with a high-density wig. These units come in various densities and textures, and the higher the density, the fuller it will look. Whether you prefer wearing your wig straight, or you prefer another texture, a high-density wig will give you the fullness and volume that you are looking for. And if you prefer wearing your wig in a ponytail, then a higher density wig is recommended for a more realistic appearance.

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High-Density wigs range from Medium High to High. The density that is considered Medium-High is 180% Density. A 180% Density Wig will give you a slightly fuller look than that of an average head of hair (150% Density). It will still look natural but will give you just a little bit of that added thickness you are looking for.

If 180% Density is still too thin for you, then you can go a little higher and choose a 200% Density Wig. It will give you a fuller look that has more volume and will give you more options when styling, especially if it is a Full Lace Wig. But if you are looking to go all out with a celebrity-style look, one with super thick and voluminous hair, then a 250% Density Wig is the one you need to buy. Keep in mind that high-density wigs are the most expensive and can run you from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the brand.

Also keep in mind that the thicker the density of the wig, the more maintenance it may need. Tightly curled ones will be the hardest to manage and may require more washings and more hair products than those with thinner hair. But if you like the big hair look with lots of volume, a high-density wig is surely the one for you. So now you know What is Wig Density. If you have any questions, contact us!

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