Training Mannequin Heads

Training Mannequin Heads

If you are wondering where to buy mannequin heads with hair, then you are in luck!  Buy Mannequin Heads suitable for hairstyle training and other purposes. Our mannequin heads come in different textures and have different skin tones and hair colors. Choose from male mannequins or female mannequins, with and without shoulders, whatever suits your preferences. If you are looking for mannequin heads for cosmetology or mannequin heads for barbers we have them both. Buy them with 100% human hair, with natural hair or straight hair. They are perfect for getting your practice in for cutting, coloring and styling. If you want mannequin heads with real hair, try one of our training heads today.

training mannequin heads

Practice Heads Just for You!

If you want to learn to braid, cut, dye, and bleach like a pro or if you’re just looking for a fun way to practice your styling skills, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! We have the perfect training mannequin heads for men and women looking to learn new hairstyles! Made with 100% human hair, these training heads are a great tool for styling, braiding, cutting and coloring. The realistic head structure allows you to practice different hairstyles in your own time. The soft texture of the hair makes it easy to style with heat tools. Style and manipulate the hair just like your would your own tresses. Become a hair styling pro in no time with one of our practice heads!

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  • Black Mannequin Head

    Black Mannequin Head with Straight Human Hair


    Black Mannequin Head Buy a Black Mannequin Head made with 100% Human Hair. This mannequin head is African American and has straight hair which can be curled, heat styled, bleached and dyed. Buy with or without table clamp or tripod.   Optional Accessories: Tripod – Made from Advanced custom 3-stage aluminum alloy Table Clamp –…

  • Afro Hair Mannequin Head

    Human Hair Afro Hair Mannequin Head 4B Texture


    Afro Hair Mannequin Head Buy Afro Hair Mannequin Head made from genuine 100% Human Hair. This afro mannequin head is made with PVC and has Natural Hair texture. The hair is 100% Human Hair and this Afro Hair Practice Head is good for practicing braiding, hairdressing and can be bleached and dyed.   Optional Accessories:…

  • Black Mannequin Head with Natural Hair

    Human Hair Black Mannequin Head with Natural Hair 4C Texture


    Black Mannequin Head with Natural Hair Buy a Black Mannequin Head with Natural Hair. This mannequin head is made with PVC and has Natural Hair. The hair on this Afro Mannequin Head is 100% Human Hair and this practice head is good for practicing braiding and hairdressing. This Black Mannequin Head with Hair has hair…

  • Practice Head for Barber with Human Hair

    Human Hair Practice Head for Barber


    Practice Head for Barber Buy a Practice Head for Barber suitable for practicing haircutting. This practice mannequin head has 100% Human Hair which can be bleached, dyed and heat styled. This Barber Practice Head is made from PVC and great is if you are looking for practice heads for barbering.   Optional Accessories: Tripod – Made…