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Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs: Which one should you Choose?

Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs: Which one should you Choose?

Posted by Sharon R. on 2021 Dec 11th

Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs: Which one should you Choose?

Did you know that at least 50% of African American women wear wigs? You may be new to wearing wigs, or may be thinking of buying a wig. Should you buy a Human Hair Wig or a Synthetic Wig? This is a question you may be asking yourself if you are currently looking to buy a wig. Both wig types are good choices in their own right. The choice you need to make depends on what purpose the wig will serve.

We buy wigs for various reasons. A change of look, covering hair issues, and protective styling are just some of the reasons why we invest in wigs. I use the word "invest" because wigs are an investment. Much of the time for the long term, since wigs, once well taken care of can last for several years.

The Advantages of Human Hair Wigs

Hair Feel and Quality

The hair which makes Human Hair Wigs is usually referred to as Virgin Hair. Virgin Hair is all natural, soft, flexible, tangle free and low maintenance. The two main morphological components of the hair strand are the cuticle and the cortex. The cuticle is the outermost protective layer of the hair strand and the cortex is the thick middle layer which makes up most of the hair strand's mass. The innermost layer of the hair is called the medulla. Human Hair is highly protein and is made from a fiber called Keratin. This chemical construction allows Human Hair to be manipulated so that it can be colored, bleached flat ironed and chemically treated.

Good quality Human Hair is soft, silky and strong. It can be deep conditioned through heat and steam treatments which strengthens the bonds of the hair. Although there are some synthetic wigs which closely mimic Human Hair in terms of quality and feel, there are none that can replace the quality and feel of true Human Hair.


Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs offer lots of versatility when it comes to styling. If you are looking for a wig with maximum versatility, then you need to invest in a Full Lace Human Hair Wig. These are the most versatile of all the Wigs made from Virgin Hair since you can style them without any limitations. Once a Human Hair Full Lace Wig is properly installed, it looks like your real hair, no matter how you wear it. Part it anywhere and wear it in any style; the choice is yours. However, this type of wig is the most expensive to produce and will come with a hefty price tag which will run well into the hundreds or the thousands for very high-end types.

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs
Lace Front Wigs offer a natural look around the entire front of the hairline. With lace front wigs, you have the advantage of pulling the front of your hair back while still achieving a natural look. If your preference is a deep part, you may want to get yourself a 13x6 inch lace front wig. If you don't care for a deep part, a standard 13x4 inch lace front wig will do the job. The deep part version of course will be a bit more expensive, but will offer you a little more parting space going toward the back of the head.

360 Lace Wigs
Although not as popular as Lace Front and Full Lace Wigs, 360 Lace Wigs also offer a natural looking hairline. This type bears the closest resemblance to the Full Lace Wig. The entire circumference of the hairline is made with Lace and the wig can be worn in a high ponytail or in a style with a deep part, while still maintaining a natural look.

T-Part Lace Wigs

T-Part Wigs made from Human Hair have become more popular lately, as the cost of raw materials rise and customers are looking for cheaper options. If you are looking for the most budget friendly of all Human Hair Lace Front Wigs, the T-Part Lace Wig is the one to choose. This type of wig will offer you a natural looking middle part made from lace. Some come with a thin strip of lace around the front hairline for a natural look if you want to pull it back into a ponytail hairstyle. Either way, the T-Part Lace Wig is the most budget-friendly option of all Lace Human Hair Wigs.

The Disadvantages of Human Hair Wigs

High Price Point

Human Hair Wigs are more expensive than Synthetic Wigs and in most cases significantly. If you are not too budget conscious and your focus is more on the easier management and longevity of the wig, a Human Hair Wig is the way to go.

Color Options

Although Human Hair Wigs can be bleached and dyed to many colors, there are some limitations as to how light hair can be bleached. For instance, some Virgin Hair can only be lightened to a Medium Blonde, while others can be lightened to a Platinum Blonde. The lighter the hair, the more expensive the wig, since it has to go through special processes to create unusual colors which are made from a lighter color base. Colors such as blue, green, yellow, bright red and neon colors need to use light colored hair to create these wigs, making them more pricey.

The Advantages of Synthetic Wigs

Low Price Point

Although most women seem to prefer Human Hair Wigs, Synthetic Wigs are still a viable option if you are budget conscious. Synthetic Wigs are made from various fibers including Kanekalon, Korean Fiber and Futura Fiber. There are many high quality Synthetic Wigs which can be bought for under $100 nowadays. Many of them closely mimic Human Hair in feel and touch. With modern advances in technology, fibers such as Kanekalon, Korean Fiber and Futura Fiber are used to make wigs which feel and look almost Human Hair Like with a longer life. Some Synthetic Wigs are even tangle-free and many of them are much less Shiny than the older kind from years ago.

Color Variations

Synthetic Wigs come in endless color variations. You can find different shades of Ombre, Solid, Frosted and Piano Colors in any texture and length. The advantage with Synthetic Wigs is that the limitation of bleaching levels and Melanin removal does not exist when producing a Synthetic Wig. Any color can be made easily so you can buy any color which ranges between the whitest white or the darkest black.

Part Variations

If you like to wear a part in one particular position, a Synthetic Wig may be the way to go. Wigs made from Synthetic Hair tend to have static parting in many styles. Although there are some variations of Lace Front Synthetic Wigs, and the less common Full Lace Synthetic Wig which can be bought, the parted Synthetic Wig is always a popular option. These wigs like their comparable Human Hair counterparts have lace parts which give a natural look. Some may also come with a thin strip of lace around the front just like the Human Hair kind for a natural ponytail look. Although the middle part is the most popular option nowadays, side part and crescent part Synthetic Wigs are also good affordable options.

The Disadvantages of Synthetic Wigs

You will find different types of Synthetic Wigs in plenty different colors, textures and lengths. However, like with Human Hair Wigs, there are some disadvantages when it comes to Synthetic Hair Wigs.

Hair Feel

The major disadvantage is that the hair feel is not quite like Human Hair. A Synthetic Wig will more than likely need more maintenance because unlike Human Hair, there is no cuticle, no cortex and no protein structure to keep the hair as flexible, soft and pliable like real Virgin Hair. However, if you buy good quality Synthetic Wigs, the feel and behavior of the hair will be fairly close to Human Hair.

Maintenance Level

Synthetic Wigs, whether high quality or not will need a higher level of maintenance than Human Hair Wigs. You may get away with treating a Human Hair Wig somewhat badly and it may still last you quite a while. With Synthetic Wigs, you need to be more gentle with them and take more care of them since the structure of the fibers are not made from Human materials. You may need to apply more product to eliminate snagging when brushing or combing and this calls for more washing due to product buildup. There are many good quality heat resistant wigs which can take heat, but heat cannot be turned up too high as it may permanently damage hair fibers. When heat styling Synthetic Wigs, start on the lowest heat and work your way up until you get the desired result. Always remember that Synthetic Hair is not as forgiving as Human Hair when it is mistreated. If Synthetic Hair is not treated well, it will ruin the wig and shorten its life.

Lack of Versatility

Synthetic Wigs tend not to be as versatile as Human Hair Wigs. It is rare to find Full Lace Synthetic Wigs and 360 Lace Synthetic Wigs. The most popular type are Lace Front Synthetic Wigs with 13x3 inch and 13x4 inch lace size. Pre-parted Synthetic Wigs are also a popular choice for many women. It is also rare to find 13x6 Synthetic Lace Front Wigs. Styling may sometimes be an issue with Synthetic Wigs. The hair may often be slippery and some styles may not stay in place. The hair may also be harder to tame with products and it may be difficult to style the hair in a different direction than its original style.


If you are very budget conscious, go with a good quality Synthetic Wig. If you have a little more money to spend, you can go with a T-Part Lace Human Hair Wig, which is at the bottom price point for Lace Human Hair Wigs. If you are all about quality and pricing is not an issue, then you can choose higher priced, better featured wigs including Lace Front Human Hair Wigs, 360 Lace Wigs or the top of the line Full Lace Human Hair Wig.

Also, keep in mind the purpose of the wig. Are you planning on wearing it everyday? If so, it may be best to go with a Human Hair Wig within your budget. For occasional wear, it may be more economical to buy a Synthetic Wig. There are many different scenarios, but the wig you choose will ultimately boil down to your budget, the occasion and how much you need to wear it.