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Human Hair Bundles



Human Hair Bundles

What are Human Hair Bundles?
Human Hair Weave Bundles otherwise sometimes referred to as Bundles of Human Hair Weave are as their name describes. Real Human Hair Bundles are pure 100% Human Hair sourced from real donors. The hair is unprocessed which means it is all natural. Good quality hair is industrially treated using non-chemical processes which allow the hair to be safe for use and finally attached to tracks so it can be sewn or glued on. A common name for the hair which makes hair weave bundles, is virgin hair. The names are used alternatively, but all mean the same thing. Part of the natural process which the hair goes through before being packaged is referred to as cuticle alignment. This aligns the outer layer of hair strands so that the hair becomes and remains, soft, smooth and tangle-free. One of the final processes is to attach the virgin hair to a weft and this competes the hair weave manufacturing process.
What is Hair Weft?
Hair weft is the woven area otherwise known as the track at the top of the hair weave bundles which is used to attach the bundles to the real hair. This is usually done through the process of sewing or bonding with hair glue. Tracks vary in length since hair bundles usually come in 100 gram (+/-3gram) bundles. This means that the longer the hair, the shorter the track.
How do I know which hair texture will suit me?
Bundles of Weave Hair come in many textures, lengths and colors. There are several popular hair textures,  including straight, body wave, water wave, kinky straight, kinky curly and funmi hair among others. Any texture of hair can suit anyone. It is all dependant on how the hair is styled as it should be styled to suit your facial features. The focus when buying different weave hair types should be the final hairstyle which is desired. This will determine the best type of hair to buy.
How many bundles of Human Hair Weave should I buy?
This too is dependant on the hairstyle to be achieved. The fuller the desired style, the more hair will be needed to achieve the desired look. On average for a style with a natural look 2 bundles of hair should be sufficient for a style which requires 8 inch to 14 inch hair. Between 16 inch to 22 inch, it is recommended to purchase a minimum of 3 bundles. For hairstyles which require 24 to 28 inch bundles, a minimum or 4 hair weave bundles is required. For fuller styles, an extra bundle can be purchased.
Human Hair Weave Gallery
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