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Learn How to Revive a Curly Wig and Bring it Back to Life!

Don’t be discouraged if you own a curly wig and it’s been looking a little tired lately. When it comes to how to revive a curly wig, there are ways to revive your hair and make it look fresh again! Whether you have a synthetic or human hair wig, there are effective ways to get those curls back. Read on to learn all about how to revive a curly wig.

how to revive a curly wig

Reasons Why Your Curly Wig May Be Tangling

Before you learn how to revive a curly wig, you need to know the reasons why your wig is in bad shape in the first place. There are several reasons why your curly wig may be tangling or matted. It is possible that the wig was not properly maintained in the first place, which can cause tangling and matting issues. The wig may have been worn for extended periods of time without being cleaned or styled or there may be product buildup followed by continuous wear that caused the tangling.

Synthetic Curly Short Wig with Curly Bangs and No Lace

The Main Culprits That Can Cause Curly Wigs to Tangle and Mat

The biggest culprit of tangled and matted wigs is a lack of consistent moisture. If you fail to maintain a curly wig, it will end up looking unhealthy and unsightly. It will also be harder to style and resistant to regular styling techniques.

Curly wigs need moisture and lots of it so it is important to ensure that you provide your wig with adequate moisture on a daily basis. Keep in mind that synthetic wigs and human hair wigs need different types of products. For each type, you should only use the products that are specially formulated for that wig type. 

Another scenario is that the fibers of the wig could be damaged from the excessive use of heat-styling tools. Excessive heat usage can damage the fibers of your wig and cause it to become frizzy and unmanageable. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using heat-protection products on your wig before styling it with a blow dryer or flat iron. This will protect your curls from breaking and avoid damage and tangling in the first place. In this article, we’ll go over the different methods of reviving curly wigs as well as some tips on maintaining them so they stay healthy even after being revived.

woman wearing a curly hair wig

How to Revive a Curly Wig? Can it Be a Challenge?

How to revive a curly wig without it being a big challenge? Is it possible? A curly wig can be a challenge to detangle, style, and maintain. The key is patience and proper care. A curly wig requires you to take your time when detangling and styling it. You can use a wide-tooth comb or hair pick to start, but it may be necessary to use a fine-toothed comb with plastic bristles if the tangles are particularly bad. If the tangling is particularly bad, you should use extra caution and be extra gentle.

Specifically for synthetic wigs, if you are not gentle, you can pull and stretch the fibers, creating permanent damage. Once the fibers are stretched, they become weaker and tangling will more than likely continue afterward. This is why it is important to take great care when detangling any curly wig, especially one that is synthetic.

For a human hair wig, you may be able to revive stretch fibers with products, for a synthetic wig, not so much. Once the wig is detangled, you can begin styling it by using heat tools such as flat irons or curling irons. Be sure to pay attention to manufacturer directions for heat settings to avoid further damage. In terms of how to revive a curly wig without causing further damage, it is possible. Just be cautious and patient throughout the process. It will be worth it!

How to Revive a Curly Wig: Tips for Detangling Curly Wigs

  • Use a comb or pick to gently loosen the curls and bring back the volume.
  • Avoid using hot water when washing curly wigs, instead use lukewarm water or cold water.
  • Only use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to gently cleanse the hair fibers and restore moisture.

Use a Specially Formulated Detangler

When it comes to how to revive a curly wig that is prone to tangles, this is another good solution. Curly wigs are prone to tangles because of the nature of curly hair. Curls tend to be more coarse than straight or wavy hair, which means that care must be taken when detangling your wig. You’ll want to use a specially formulated detangler for curly hair–one that contains conditioners and other ingredients that will moisturize and soften the curls without weighing them down too much. If you have a human-hair wig, try using a human-hair wig detangler; if your wig is synthetic, try looking for a synthetic wig detangler. Read on more to learn further steps on how to revive a curly wig.

How to Detangle a Lace Wig?

If you are wondering how to revive a curly wig with lace, the fist step is to detangle it. If your wig is made with lace, you need to be extra cautious in the areas where the lace is located. Excess pressure can cause the lace to rip and this will ruin your wig. Excess pulling can also cause the hand-knotted hair to easily break away from the knot, leaving the lace with hairless patches. Especially for lace wigs, it is important to detangle them on a mannequin head that is well secured with T-Pins.

T-Pins will properly secure the lace, giving you a more stable surface to work on. It is also important not to get frustrated and pull on the hair too hard. In doing this you can ruin the hair and the lace permanently. If you get frustrated, you can leave the wig to sit and come back to continue it later. But how to revive a curly wig with a lace base? The answer is patience. Detangling hair that is attached to lace calls for much patience so just be aware that it may take you some time to see results. Keep in mind that if you use a good quality detangling spray, you won’t feel the need to be tugging or pulling because the product will do all the work for you!

woman wearing a big curly wig

Can I Wash My Wig in Hot Water?

It’s not a good idea to wash your wig in hot water. Use cold or lukewarm water only, NEVER HOT! Using hot water to wash your wig can cause permanent damage to the fibers, especially if it is a synthetic wig. If you wash a synthetic wig in water that is too hot it can cause the wig to melt or shrink, causing the fibers to clump together. This will make your wig look unnatural and could cause it to lose its shape permanently. It’s best to use cold or lukewarm water only when washing your wig.

How to Revive Curly Wig made from Human Hair?

If you’re trying to figure out how to revive a curly human hair wig, there are steps you need to take to make sure you don’t damage it. So how to revive a curly wig made from human hair without making its condition worse?

Before attempting to revive your human hair wig, there are several things you need to take into account. If your wig has tight curls (like a Kinky Curly Wig for instance), then you may need to take a slightly different approach than a wig that has looser curls (like a loose curly wig for instance). If your wig is matted or badly tangled, then you will have to work harder to revive it than if it is just dry and frizzy.

You should also consider the type of wig you have, whether it’s a lace front wig or a no-lace wig, as well as how long it has been since it was last washed. If you have a human hair curly wig that is matted or tangled and has been neglected for weeks to months, then you will likely need to work harder than if it’s just been worn a few times.

How to Revive a Curly Wig Made From Human Hair That is Dry and Frizzy?

When it comes to how to revive a curly wig that is dry and frizzy, you need to take aggressive action to bring it back to life. If your wig is just dry and frizzy, you may not need to do much. Here are the steps below for restoring dry and frizzy curly human hair wig:

Step 1: Wash the wig with a moisturizing shampoo.

A moisturizing shampoo will help to remove any buildup and restore your wig’s natural moisture. After shampooing the wig, rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water. Never Hot!

Step 2: Use a deep moisturizing conditioner and mix it with a deep protein conditioner.

A good mixture is 1/2 moisturizing conditioner and 1/2 protein conditioner. Apply at the tips and work your way toward the roots, finger-combing as you go. Work in small sections to make sure you get full coverage.

Step 3: Place the wig in a clear plastic cap (you may need to use 2 if the wig is long) and secure it.

Step 4: Place the wig under a hooded dryer and leave for about 15 minutes.

This process will allow the product to deeply penetrate into each strand of the hair, making the conditioning process more effective. Without this added step, the conditioners will just sit on the top layer of the hair with minimal effects.

Tip: If the wig is not on a mannequin head, you can stack books or whatever you can find so that the wig can be placed on top of them while still sitting inside the plastic cap.

Step 5: Allow the wig to cool, then rinse out the shampoo and conditioner using only lukewarm or cold water

Step 6: Gently squeeze out excess water and blot dry with a towel.

Step 7: Apply a light Argan Oil, some curl-defining cream, and a cream leave-in conditioner and finger comb to define the curls.

Step 8: Place on a wig stand to air dry.

woman wearing a red curly wig

How to Revive a Curly Wig Made from Human Hair That is Badly Tangled and Matted?

When it comes to how to revive a curly wig that is made from human hair, one that is badly tangled, it is possible but can be a challenge. Restoring a curly human hair wig that is tangled can be a challenge but one that is matted can take a lot of work. 

Several of the stages in this process are also applicable to wigs that are simply dry and frizzy. To achieve the greatest outcomes, more measures must be followed. Being patient is crucial when dealing with matted wigs. Having a little patience will help a lot. To learn more, keep reading:

Step 1: Detangling

*It may be best to do this step on a mannequin head secured by a table clamp or tripod. This will avoid damaging the base of the wig as it will give you more control. Detangling is a very important step and should be done with care. It will take time but in the end, it will be worth it. It is best to do this in sections.

  • Use your fingers to section off a part of the wig, then saturate it with a detangling spray.
  • Start detangling from the tips and work your way to the roots, section by section applying more spray as needed. Only use your fingers or a wide-toothed plastic or wooden comb, not metal. And remember be gentle!

Step 2: Follow steps 1 through 7 of How to Restore a Dry and Frizzy Human Hair Curly Wig

How to Revive a Curly Wig made from Synthetic Hair

How to revive a curly wig made from synthetic fibers? Is it even possible? the answer is “in some cases”. Before trying to revive your synthetic curly wig, it’s important to identify what type of fiber the wig is made from. Wigs that are made of synthetic fibers are usually more difficult to restore than human hair wigs, which are made from natural fibers. However, if your wig is made from heat-resistant synthetic hair, then these tips will work to restore your curly wig. Find out more about how to revive a curly wig made from synthetic hair. Read on.

Steps on How to Revive a Curly Wig made from Synthetic Hair

Step 1: Detangling

Detangling a synthetic wig is somewhat more difficult than detangling a human hair wig. This is because synthetic fibers are more resistant and will not have the same structure as human hair does. The best way to detangle a synthetic wig is by using a wide-tooth comb that is non-metal.

  • Use a detangling spray that is specially formulated for synthetic hair.
  • Please the wig on a mannequin head and work in small sections.
  • Always detangle from the ends and work your way to the roots.
  • Be very patient as it will take time to complete.

Step 2: Wash the wig

Only use shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for synthetic hair to get the best results.

  • Wet the wig with cool or lukewarm water and apply synthetic hair shampoo, then lather and rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply the synthetic hair conditioner and add some fabric softener to the conditioner. To average, 1/4 cup of conditioner to 1 teaspoon of fabric softener are good proportions.
  • Saturate each strand from tips working toward the roots.
  • Let sit for about 1 hour to 2 hours.
  • Rinse thoroughly and blot dry with a towel
  • Place on a wig stand and apply more detangling spray and a light spray of your favorite synthetic curly wig hair product(s).
  • Dry completely before wearing or styling
woman wearing a brown curly wig

How to Revive a Curly Wig Using the Restorative Power of Steam

It’s a little-known fact that a good, healthy wig can be revived with some steam. In terms of how to revive a curly wig with steam, one can say that steam is a good choice.
Wearing a curly wig all week will cause the curls to loosen and fall flat, but steaming the wig at home before you wear it will help to restore them to their original glory. If you are wondering how to revive a curly wig with steam, here are some tips.

A handheld steamer is an ideal tool for this task; just hold it about six inches away from your wig and let its heat work its magic on those curls!

Although it’s tempting to keep going after you’ve seen results from your first round of steaming, don’t forget that 
too much heat can damage synthetic wigs—so err on the conservative side when using your handheld steamer (you can always give it another go later). If you do end up overdoing it with too much heat, avoid washing or combing out your wig until it has cooled down completely; otherwise, you could accidentally pull out strands that have been weakened by excessive exposure to hot air. Finally, don’t forget to use a hair spray after you’ve finished steaming! It’s important to lock in the moisture and help your curls hold their shape.

Steaming is a Good Option for Synthetic Wigs

If you have a synthetic wig and want to loosen or tighten its curls, steam is a great way to do it. When it comes to heat-resistant synthetic wigs, steaming is your friend! You won’t be disappointed in what steam can do for synthetic fiber wigs. If your wig has loose curls and you want to redefine them, you can set the hair with hair rollers or rods and apply steam. The steam will help the hair curl around the rods and make it stay in place longer. If you have a synthetic wig with tight curls or waves and want to loosen them up a bit, you can use steam as well. Steam will also make the wig feel softer and look more natural if you are having trouble achieving those effects by other means.

How to Revive a Curly Wig: The Final Steps – Styling

For wigs with tight curls, the best method of styling is finger-combing. Another option is to use a wide-tooth comb if you want to create more volume. For loose curls, you can use a wig brush that is non-metal. Use one that will gently detangle the hair without snagging it or causing damage.

When brushing your loose curly wig, it is always best to start from the ends and work your way toward the roots. Always add a lubricating product to the wig before combing or brushing. Use a product that is specifically formulated for the wig type you are brushing. And never brush an overly dry wig. Always add more product before brushing.

Using a Diffuser for Tight Curls on Human Hair Wigs

It is not advised to use heat on wet or damp synthetic wigs. However, if you have a tightly curled human hair wig, you can safely use a diffuser since the heat will not be as direct as outright blow drying. If you want more definition in your curls, try using a diffuser instead of air drying them completely when styling your curly wig. It’s best for thick coils of hair like those found in curly wigs because it helps create even curlier locks without weighing down the strands too much—and it won’t frizz up either! Simply spray the diffuser with water first before running it through each section of hair; this will activate its curl-enhancing properties while preventing frizz.

If you’re trying to create a voluminous look, use an air diffuser instead attachment on your blow dryer. The air will be less direct and more evenly distributed, which helps lift the hair without burning it or giving it an unnatural shape. If your curls are thin or flat a diffuser is the best attachment for creating volume.

woman wearing a long curly wig

How to Prevent Future Tangling

There are some tips that you can use to prevent your curly wigs from tangling. These include:

  1. Spraying your wig with detangling product and redefining the curls after each use.
  2. Washing your wig after every few years
  3. Not sleeping with the wig on your head
  4. Storing your wig in a cool dry environment that will not promote mold or tangling
  5. Don’t use any products with alcohol or silicone in them, because these ingredients can make hair strands brittle and prone to breakage over time. These products can also promote tangling, especially in synthetic wigs.
  6. Only use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners
  7. For synthetic wigs, only use products formulated for synthetic hair, and for human hair wigs only use products formulated for human hair.

Since wigs do not grow for your scalp, they do not have the pleasure of being constantly moisturized with scalp oils. This means that you need to do your part to ensure that they are properly moisturized through proper hair-washing techniques and proper styling. They need to be infused with artificial moisture since they cannot get it from your scalp. For the best results, this has to be an ongoing process that should be done with each use of the wig. If you want your wig to last for a long time, you need to put in the work to make your investment worthwhile!


The takeaway? If you want to keep your curly wig looking great, make sure you don’t brush or comb it too much. Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush, and avoid pulling on the hair as you detangle it. Your new look depends on it!

Also keep in mind that when drying, always let wet curls dry naturally; never use direct heat from an iron or blow dryer on them. And finally, don’t forget about all those other tips for styling and caring for curly wigs that we discussed in the earlier sections of this article.


If you have a curly wig, we’re here to help! We know that tangling can be frustrating, and we want to make sure you get the best look possible from your new hair. We hope that this post has given you some good tips on how to revive a curly wig and bring life back into your curls. The key is patience and persistence—keep at it until you’re satisfied with the results!

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