Learn How to Maintain and Keep Your Wigs Looking Cute for the Summer Months

We all know that summers can be super hot and temperatures can soar for
months on end. If you wear wigs during the hotter months of the year, there is
no reason why you cannot keep them looking cute. If you are a fan of lace front wigs, you will love them because of
their natural-looking appearance and how easy they are to manage. Plus, the
lace provides added ventilation at the base of the wig. However, the two types
which provide the highest amount of ventilation in hot weather are called
capless wigs and full lace wigs.

woman in curly pink wig

Capless Wigs

Capless wigs are a type of no-lace wig have vertical straps which hair tracks are sewn onto. The
tracks are sewn horizontally. This provides several pockets where there is no
coverage, allowing the scalp to breathe. These ones are usually the cheapest
type of hair unit you will find, and they come in all types of textures and
color combinations.

woman in a white afro wig 33d

Full Lace Wigs

Full Lace units are self-described. The entire cap is made with lace,
allowing for maximum scalp ventilation. These wigs will allow you to wear any
style as the lace gives the entire unit a natural look including the hairline. 

woman in a blonde bob wigThere are no limitations when it comes to styling but just make sure you lay it
well with glue or tape to ensure that the hairline does not kink up on you.

Which Wig Type Should You Wear?

During the hotter months, we tend to be more active. You may wonder
whether you should be wearing human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. If you are
looking to buy one soon and you need this question answered, you need to take
four main things into account:

1.Where you intend to
wear the unit.

2.What activities you
will be partaking in while wearing it.

3.How often you wear

4.The size of your

Your Wig Budget

Let’s start with the most obvious one, your budget. If you will be
wearing your unit frequently, you may want to invest in one made from human
hair. For less frequent wear, a synthetic wig may be more suitable. And be sure to always follow best practices for Synthetic Wig Care to get the most life out of them.

Caring for Synthetic vs Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair
units can take more abuse. Once the hair is good quality and is truly genuine
100% Human Hair, then there should be no issues with daily wear. On the other hand, Synthetic Wigs need a little more care. Since they
are made from synthetic fibers, they cannot behave completely like their Human
Hair kind. Frequent wearing may shorten the life of the unit and if the hair is
not good quality, tangling can be a nightmare if exposed to the wrong

10 General Rules for Wig Care:

model in a bright green synthetic wig

1.If you wear your unit
on the daily, wash at least once a week.

2.Always use a good
quality moisturizing shampoo and a rich conditioner.

3.For curly or wavy
hair, a good leave-in conditioner will infuse even more moisture into hair

4.Never wring or twist
hair while washing or when wet.

5.When shampooing the
hair always finger comb only.

6.If the hair is
straight, wavy or has a loose curl, you can comb with a wide toothed comb.

7.Whether you are
combing wet or dry hair, start from the ends and work your way toward the
roots. The same technique applies to brushing (only brush dry hair).

8.For tight curls,
never use a comb or brush, finger comb only.

9.If you must blow dry,
do so on a low heat and with low air flow.

10.Always use heat
protectant on wigs before heat styling.

How Your Activities Can Affect Your Wig

If you are one who frequently goes to the beach or in the pool during
the summer, make sure that you properly protect your wig by wearing a snug
fitting swim cap. This will protect the hair from harsh substances such as
chlorine from the pool and sea salt from sea water. Always remember to ensure
that your edges too are well covered. In the event that the cap slips, or comes
off it is very important to wash the unit and your own hair using the above
steps to prevent damage to the wig and to your real hair.

Summer sun can be unforgiving. It can be somewhat harsh on your hair. If
hair is not well protected with product, you may experience increased dryness.
That is why it is important to use light hair oils and silicone products which
will coat the hair strands, protect them from the heat and the elements and
keep your wig looking cute all summer.


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