The Different Ways to Curl Synthetic Wigs

Can a Synthetic Wig Be Curled?

Can you curl a synthetic wig? The answer is yes! Well in general depending on what type of wig you have. Have you ever bought a Synthetic Wig and then realized that you would prefer it if it was curly? Well, you will be happy to know that yes, you can curl a synthetic wig and there are different methods you can use to curl your wig.

Curling this type of wig is easy. Just a few considerations must be taken, such as the sort of hair fibers used in the construction of your unit.

There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, but the one you select should be depending on your tastes, degree of comfort and the maximum amount of heat your wig can withstand. It should be noted that wigs that may be curled with hot water or a curling iron must be heat-resistant at high temperatures. Discover more as you keep reading.

woman getting synthetic wig curled

How to Curl a Synthetic Wig without Heat

Even while it is possible, this method is not advised because you will need to apply a lot of holding spray, which includes alcohol, and might dry out your wig and make it tangle. While synthetic hair can be highly resilient, you will thus need to use a lot of powerful holding spray. The steps are listed below, though, if you decide to take that route:

Step 1: The wig should first be detangled, shampooed, and conditioned. Use only shampoos and conditioners that are hydrating.

Step 2: On completely dry hair and using rods, take a small section and swivel the hair tightly as if you are about to wrap it in a bun.

Step 3: With the hair tightly swiveled, wrap it around the rod and secure.

Step 4: Saturate each rod with super hold hairspray and allow the hair to completely dry.

Step 5: Once dry, unravel each rod gently, apply a silicone hair product and style as usual.

This method is not the most practical because it calls for a lot of holding spray.
Also, unlike if you employed a treatment that uses heat, your curls won’t be as tight.
Remember that these wigs can be constructed from either high temperature or low temperature fibre, so be sure to know which kind you are styling to avoid breaking the wig.

woman wearing synthetic wig with curlers in it

How to curl a synthetic wig with rollers

To get the best results, you need to use high heat so the wig must be a high temperature heat resistant synthetic wig. Whether the wig is straight or already curly, the same steps will apply. Here are the steps below.

Step 1: Thoroughly shampoo and condition the wig with moisturizing products.

Step 2: While the wig is wet, roll the hair onto the rollers as you would your real hair. Be sure to apply a good amount of tension to make sure your curls come out smooth and with no kinks.

Step 3: Secure the ends properly with as many curling clips as you need to.

Step 4: Dip the rollers into hot boiling water a few times until you see steam coming from the rollers.

Step 5: Place the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head and allow it to completely cool and dry.

Step 6: Once cool and dry, carefully unravel the rollers and style as usual.

How to curl a synthetic wig with flexi rods

Setting with flexi rods is somewhat similar to setting with rollers, but the wrapping technique is a bit different. Here are the steps below:

Step 1: As with the other methods, make sure that the hair is thoroughly detangled, shampooed and conditioned with moisturizing products.

Step 2: While the hair is wet section a piece of hair and hold the flexi rod firmly against the root with the hair stretched out. The top and bottom of the rod should be facing in the direction you want your curls to flow.

Step 3: Wrap the section of hair around the flexi rod starting from the root and wrapping down until you reach the ends.

Step 4: Bend the top and the bottom on the rod to secure the curl.

Step 5: Repeat on every section of the head until complete.

Step 6: Dip the rods in boiling hot water until you see steam coming from the rods.

Step 7: Let them completely cool, but even better, let them completely dry.

Step 8: Carefully unravel the hair and style as usual.

picture of curlersHow to curl a synthetic wig with steam

You can do this using either rollers or flexi rods to set the hair. The only difference with this method compared to the previous two, is that once you roll the hair onto the rollers or rods, you will not be placing it in hot water. See the steps below:

Step 1: The wig should be on a mannequin head which is well secured with T-Pins and the hair should be dry set with rods or rollers.

Step 2: Place a thick but loose plastic bag over the entire mannequin head with the set wig on it. The bag should cover the entire head and neck of the mannequin head. (It is always best to use a clear bag for visibility)

Step 3: Leave a hole at the base of the bag where the hand-held steamer can be pushed through.

Step 4: Turn the steamer to medium-high and push the head of the hose through the available hole left at the base of the bag. Hold the bag firmly around the neck of the mannequin to hold the hose in place and let the steam do its job.

Step 5: Let the hair cool completely, then remove 1 roller or rod to test the result. If the result is not to your liking, replace the curling instrument and re-steam the head again.

Step 6: Once the hair is cool and the curl is suitable to your liking, remove all curling instruments and style as usual.

How to curl a synthetic wig hot water

The best way to curl any wig without rollers is to use the pin-curl method. This can be done on wet heat resistant synthetic hair. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Thoroughly detangle, shampoo and condition the wig.

Step 2: While wet section hair to create your first pin curl. It is best if you use triangular parts with the part going the opposite direction of how you want the curl to lay. Since synthetic hair is resistant, it is best to use the method that lays the curls flat as opposed to attempting to do them standing upright.

Step 3: Comb the section smooth from root to tip.

Step 4: Start rolling the hair from the ends until you reach the root and place the curl in the direction which you want the curl to flow.

Step 5: Use a roller clip to clip in place (clip in the center hole on top of the root)

Step 6: Repeat until the entire head is pin curled.

Step 7: Dip the wig in boiling hot water several times.

Step 8: Let it dry completely.

Step 9: Spray lightly with a light silicone spray and carefully remove pins.

Step 10: Style as usual.

woman wearing a curly synthetic wig with bangs

How to curl a synthetic wig with curling iron

Using a curling iron on Synthetic Hair needs to be done carefully to avoid melting the hair and should only be done on heat resistant synthetic wigs. There are different types of synthetic fibers including Futura Fiber, Kanekalon, Korean Fiber and others. Whether the wig is a no-lace or a lace front unit, the same steps will apply. There are also low temperature fibers which can only be styled at a low setting. So, be sure of the type of wig you are trying to heat style before beginning the process and to make sure you do not permanently damage your wig.

For curly synthetic hair, a curling wand is better than using a curling iron. Why? Because you need to pull and spin the barrel when using a curling iron and synthetic hair does not like to be manipulated too much. With a wand, you do not have to worry about possibly damaging the hair fibers from accidental over-pulling or snagging. Here are the steps below for curling with a wand.

Step 1: Thoroughly detangle, shampoo and condition the hair, then air dry completely.

Step 2: Section a piece of hair which is suitable to the size of the wand’s barrel.

Step 3: Apply a light mist of a silicone heat protectant spray.

Step 4: Comb section thoroughly with a small tooth comb to make sure product covers every strand.

Step 5: Place the wand in the direction you want the curls to flow, with the thickest part of the barrel at the root. Using the other hand, wrap the hair tightly around the barrel.

Step 6: Hold for a few seconds, then gently slide the wand away without letting the curl drop.

Step 7: Put down the wand and pin the curl in place. We need to do this because synthetic hair needs to be cooled completely in order for the curls to stay in place.

Step 8: Repeat for each curl.

Step 9: Once the hair is completely cool, gently unpin each curl, spray with a little light silicone spray and style as usual.

*Tip: If it is the first time you are curling a particular wig, always test a small section at the back, starting with the lowest heat and working your way up to a hotter temperature until you achieve the desired effect.

Curling a Synthetic Wig isn’t impossible. The most important things to understand are that you have to know what type of fiber your wig is made from in order to know which methods can be used to curl it and to avoid causing permanent damage to your hair unit.


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