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Important Pointers About Hair Weaves: Selection, Installation and Care

Hair weaves otherwise known as “hair extensions” or “hair bundles” are the perfect option for a quick change in look. There are several different types and we will do a deep dive into hair weaves that will give a better explanation of what they are, how they can help your style and how they function.

What is a Hair Weave?

A hair weave is hair that is attached to a weft otherwise known as a “track” using a sewing process. The term also refers to hair tracks that have already been installed. Hair weaves are great for protective styling and come in a range of colors, textures and lengths to suit anyone’s preferences.

A Dash of History

It has been documented that hair weaves date back to Egyptian times. People way back then started the trend of using extensions to change their look in different ways. Nowadays hair extensions have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry supplying hair to the everyday consumer.

The Inner Workings of Hair Weaves

Before you attempt to install or even buy a hair weave, you for need to understand the correct process when it comes to selecting your hair and knowing what important things to take into consideration. Here are some pointers that can help you get more insights:

1. Research

The first thing you need to do is your research. If you are a true novice, you will find online videos to be of great help. What type of hair weaves should you be focusing on? Should you install a glue-in weave or a sew-in weave? How long should you leave it in? These are some of the many questions that your should have when doing your research. on hair weaves. Research everything you need to know from the different types of weave to the color that best suits your skin tone. If you have a stylist but want to go at it alone, don’t be shy when asking questions about your proposed hair project. Ask all the questions you need to know including an important one which is how to protect your real hair under the weave.

emerald green weave hair bundles

2. Selecting Hair Weaves

Once you’ve got all of your questions answered, and you’ve considered all the hair weaves that may be suitable for you, it’s time to decide on the final one you want to buy. This will be determined by the look you are going for. By now you should know the texture, color or color combination and length that you will need to achieve this look. Start with a simple style and graduate to hair weaves that are more extravagant as you become more experienced with hair selection and styling. Sew-Ins are more advanced so you may want to start with a glued in style.

3. Prepping Your Real Hair for Installation

Before hair weaves are installed, it is important to prep your hair for the process to avoid hair damage. This includes firstly shampooing and conditioning your hair. If you are experiencing hair breakage, you may need to do a protein treatment and/or trim the ends to prevent further damage prior to installing your weave.

No matter what type of weave you are planning to install, you’ll need a solid foundation. There are multiple ways of creating your foundation. When it comes to hair weaves, there is no one method that is a must for any individual person. These include cornrows, gel wraps covered by a stocking cap and others. The method you choose will be determined by your hair length and/or thickness. If you choose to use cornrows, the direction of your braids are determined by the finished styled you want to achieve. However you choose to create your base, just make sure it is suitable for your hair length, type and condition.

5. Tools You Will Need

There are some basic tools that are needed when you are installing hair weaves. What you use depends on how you want to create your base and your weave. For sew-in weaves you will need the following tools at minimum:

  • Weaving thread (Black is more universal)
  • Weaving needle (C-Shaped or L-Shaped are easier to work with)
  • Hair cutting scissors (For cutting thread and hair weft)
  • Rat-Tail comb (For parting and sectioning hair)
  • Hair razor (Optional – for shaping the hair before styling)
  • Stocking cap, Hair Mesh or Mesh Weaving Cap (Whichever you prefer)

For glued in hair weaves you will need the following tools:

  • Hair protections solution
  • Stocking cap
  • Hair glue
  • Hair cutting scissors (For cutting hair weft)
  • Rat-Tail comb (For parting and sectioning hair)
  • Hair razor (Optional – for shaping the hair before styling)
  • Blow dryer (Optional – for speeding up drying of hair glue)
4 bundles kinky curly Brazilian weave hair extensions

6. Caring for Hair Weaves

Like your real hair, hair weaves need love and care. Wash them every other week and treat them like you would your own hair. If you choose a style that needs to be heat styled, it is important to avoid too much heat. Heat style your hair only once a week if you can and pay attention to manufacturer instructions on maximum temperatures to be used. When it comes to hair products that have a high alcohol content, it is best to stay away as they can cause severe drying, damage and breakage. Instead, opt for high quality products that are moisturizing in nature.

Things to Avoid When Installing Hair Weaves

If installed incorrectly, a hair weave can lead to disaster for your real hair and scalp. It is important that you take the necessary precautions to avoid damage and health issues. Here are some tips that can help avoid issues when installing hair weaves:

  • When installing a sew in, avoid making your cornrows too tight. This can result in scalp issues like alopecia, resulting in permanent hair loss.
  • If you are using cornrows as your sew-in base, use medium sized cornrows. Very small cornrows are not ideal to sew hair onto as this may cause too much tension and can cause permanent root or hair damage.
  • When installing a glue-in weave always protect your real hair completely. Saturate and cover your hair with a protective solution as any glue which touches your real hair can cause it to tear and snap, sometimes from the root.

Clip in Weaves – The Alternative

Clip-in weaves are tracks of hair that have clip combs attached to the weft area for temporary placement. Clip In Weaves like hair weaves can be installed in different areas of the head to create different looks. They are a great option for special events or for if you like to change your hairstyle regularly. Clip in hair weaves are very flexible and can be strategically placed in certain locations of the head to create very specific looks. This makes them perfect for beginners and are a good option to try before you attempt a glued-in or sew-in weave for the first time.


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