Frequently Asked Questions

Find informative Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Weaves, Wigs and Hair Care

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers about Hair Weaves, Wigs and Hair Care

What Kind of Hair do you Offer?

We carry the the Best Quality Human Hair. Our Human Hair comes in Hair Bundles, Wigs and Hairpieces and is 100% Top Quality Virgin Human Hair in 10 grade, 11A grade and Remy Hair. Our Human Hair comes in 14 different textures and many colors. We also carry many synthetic wigs which are made from quality High Temperature Synthetic Hair. Don’t let our affordable prices fool you, our hair is great quality. Always!

Do you have a Quality Guarantee?

Yes. We do have a Quality Guarantee. We have high standards and we know you do too. That is why we guarantee that we will supply you with only the best quality hair.

Is your Human Hair chemically treated?

No. We carry only Unprocessed Human Hair. Our hair is all natural and chemical free.

How soft is your Human Hair?

Our Human Hair is velvety soft and cuticle aligned with reinforced weft and tangle free hair, which means it is low maintenance, long lasting and can be reused if you wish to do so.

What are your Synthetic Wigs made from?

Our Synthetic Wigs are made from the best quality Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair. Some of our synthetic wigs are made from Futura Fiber, Korean Fiber and Kanekalon Fiber. They are all good quality and heat resistant and come in several textures.

Do all Human Hair Products and Synthetic Wigs Ship for Free for USA & Canada?

Yes. All of our Human Hair Products and Synthetic Wigs ship for FREE for USA and Canada, regardless of the price. The only items we sell which require additional shipping costs are crochet braids and this is because crochet braids are costly to ship due to their high density.

What is the quickest way to contact you?

The quickest way to contact us is to click the Need Help at the bottom of any page to shoot us a quick message. If you’re not in a rush, send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

What to do if my human hair bundles or wig feels dry?

If your human hair bundles  or human hair wig feels dry, this may cause tangling and snagging to occur just like your real hair would if it is dry. To solve this issue it is best to just shampoo the hair with a deep conditioning hydrating shampoo followed by a hydrating conditioner. After the conditioner is rinsed apply a leave in conditioning cream for tightly curled or wet looking hair or apply a light silicone spray or argan oil spray to straight or wavy hair. Let air dry or place on a mannequin head under a low speed cool bonnet dryer to speed up the drying process.

*There are many shampoos and conditioners which you can use, however we have found that the Garnier Whole Blends line is really good.





Secret*** When all else fails, mix a little fabric softener in lukewarm water and soak hair for a few minutes. This should leave hair nice and soft.

How is your Virgin Hair and your Remy Hair processed?

Answer: All of our Virgin Human Hair and Remy Hair is 100% chemical free. Since we know that there are lots of ladies who suffer from various allergies, we keep it as natural as possible. All of our human hair, including the hair used for our wigs and weaves is collected and sanitized then styled using a steaming process. Through the lengthy research and development which goes into producing our hair, we use processes which eliminate the need for the use of chemicals.

What is the best type of shampoo and conditioner to use on human hair and synthetic hair?

Answer: There are many shampoos and conditioners which can be used to cleanse and add moisture to the hair. For both synthetic and human hair weaves and wigs, it is always best to use only hydrating products. Both a hydrating shampoo and hydrating conditioner are the best options. When choosing a shampoo, you can choose a sulphate free shampoo or a moisturizing shampoo. There are also 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 shampoos which act as shampoo and conditioner in one. Sulphate free cleaners are more mild and do not strip the hair of its moisture. However, if you have a lot of product buildup it would be best to use a regular moisturizing shampoo to properly remove the buildup. For human hair weaves, wigs, lace closures and frontals which have been pre-colored, a color-safe shampoo should be used. This ensures that none of the color is stripped from the hair so that your pre-colored hair stays vibrant. 

For conditioners, a deep moisturizing conditioner is best. Even though some shampoos like 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 shampoos have conditioning components, it is still recommended to use some type of conditioner after shampooing as the hair may dry out if this step is skipped. Leave-in conditioning spray is the best for all hair textures as it is light and will not weigh the hair down. Human hair textures such as straight hair, body wave and funmi curl are light and bouncy, so a leave-in conditioning spray is best for these textures. For Virgin hair which is Kinky Curly, Kinky Straight, Jerry Curl, Water Wave or Natural Wave, they require high amounts of moisture. Therefore, either a leave-in conditioner spray or a regular deep conditioner can be used for these hair textures or both. Since synthetic wigs and weaves would be drier to the touch, a regular deep hydrating conditioner is recommended.

Why is my Human Hair Weave tangling?

Answer: All of our Virgin Human Hair is cuticle aligned to prevent tangling. However, just as is the case with your own hair, human hair weaves will tangle if they are dry or if there is a lot of product buildup. Virgin hair weaves should be treated like how you treat your own hair to ensure longevity. The hair should be washed every 1 to 2 weeks using the advice in the previous question. This will ensure that your human hair bundles last you a long time and remain vibrant throughout the life of your hair extensions. Excessive heat styling or heat styling at a heat which is too high will also cause tangling. This is because the hair would have experienced trauma which will alter the hair’s behavior.

What is the highest temperature I should heat style my human hair at?

Human Hair, just like our real hair can experience heat damage. It is recommended to style the hair at no higher than 160-180 degrees celsius. At any higher temperature can cause trauma to the hair which may be irreversible.

What do you recommend when it comes to styling different hair textures?

Answer: Whether you are styling hair weave, lace frontals, lace closures or wigs, the same rules apply based on the texture of the hair. For straight hair, body wave hair and funmi curl, there may be a need to curl or flat iron the hair at some point. It is very important that you use a light heat protectant spray to protect the hair from heat damage. There are also products such as light silicone protectants which may come in a spray glosser form or a colorless liquid form in a bottle which can also be used to protect the hair from heat. When it comes to these three hair textures, less is more; meaning keep a light hand when applying product so that you do not weigh the hair down.

For curly textures such as deep wave, water wave, kinky curly and jerry curl, styling the hair with various products may be necessary to snap curls back into place and hydrate the hair on a daily basis. Glosser sprays or silicone protectants can be used along with curling cremes or curling gels and/or leave in conditioning sprays for the best results. For curly hair, water is its friend. A light spray of water in conjunction with these products is the perfect combination for bouncy curly hair all day. A good quality detangling spray can also be used; not to detangle the hair necessarily but to snap those curls in place and keep them that way all day.

What is a lace front wig?

Answer: A lace front wig can be made from either human hair or synthetic hair. Hair textures will vary from wig to wig and may include straight, curly, wavy and kinky textures. The cap construction is what determines the categorization of the wig. A lace front wig can have varying cap constructions. However, the most common ones are constructed with hair weft bands at the back of the wig and lace at the front. Another common cap construction type is a solid cap with bands of hair wefts attached at the back and the lace attached at the front. Lace front wigs usually have combs attached on the inner area for extra security. They are usually located at the sides and back. They will also usually have two adjustable bands on the left and the right side of the nape area in order to allow for a snug fit. 

The hair attached to the lace at the front of a lace front wig is completed using a very intricate process. This micro threading process allows for a natural looking hairline and is a time-consuming task. This is why lace front wigs are so much more expensive then non-lace wigs as there is a lot of man-power which goes into making them. The lace at the front of the wig may vary in length. The lengths usually range from 3 inches to 5 inches running from the center of the hairline to the top of the head. 

What is a lace closure?

Answer: A lace closure is a small hair unit which is used to close a hair weave. Closures come in different textures and can be made from either synthetic hair or human hair. Lace closures are available with different sized bases and different hair lengths. They are available with 4*4 bases and other lengths. A lace closure can be positioned in the center front of the head, the side or at the top of the head. Lace closures can be bought as middle part, three-way part or free part. A lace closure is not necessary to complete a hair weave, but some ladies prefer to use one to create a natural looking part or a more natural looking finish. The micro-threading process used to produce a lace closure is the same which is used to create the lace front on a wig because the entire base of the closure is lace.

What is a lace frontal?

Answer: A lace frontal is a hair unit that extends to a partial area or full circumference of the head. There are two common types of lace frontals. These are the 360 lace frontal and the regular lace frontal. There are different dimensions to lace frontals. Ours particularly are available as 13*4 lace frontals or 360 lace frontals. The 13*4 lace frontal covers the front area of the circumference of the head from ear to ear allowing for a natural looking frontal hairline. The base of our lace frontals all lace and the hair on this unit is micro-threaded which is the same technique used on the lace wig and closures. A 360 lace frontal covers the entire circumference of the head. This allows for the entire hairline including the nape area to have a natural look. When using a lace frontal, hair bundles are used to fill in the areas which are left uncovered to allow for a seamlessly completed hairstyle.

What is a pre-plucked wig?

Answer: A pre-plucked wig can either be a synthetic or human hair wig which has thinner hair around the part or hairline area to allow for a natural look. The idea of a pre-plucked wig is to eliminate or reduce the prepping time when preparing a wig to be worn for the first time.

What materials are your synthetic lace front wigs and synthetic human hair weaves made from?

Answer: Both our lace front synthetic wigs and our synthetic weaves are made from premium high quality 100% high temperature Kanekalon fibers. Caution however should be used when applying heat to ensure that the fibers are not damaged. First test a small area which is not visible (like the nape area) to ensure that the set temperature is safe to use. We recommend that you start at a low temperature and work your way up to higher temperatures as each iron’s heat may not apply the same.

What is a glueless wig?

Answer: A glueless wig is a lace wig which can be applied without glue or tape. Glueless wigs can come pre-plucked or not pre-plucked. For this type of wig, the lace is of a higher quality, so it sits flush on the hairline with there being no need for adhesives.

What are crochet braids?

Answer: Crochet braids are usually synthetic. Some crochet braids are made with a loop at the top to allow for easy installation with a crochet hook. 

How many hair weave bundles should I buy?

Answer: Our hair weave bundles are 100grams +/-3grams. The +/-3grams is a margin or error which is minimal when weighing the hair and this variation may be as a result of various factors. The number of hair bundles needed depends on the fullness you require and if you are using a frontal or just the hair weave. Keep in mind that since the hair is available by weight, the longer the hair the shorter the weft. Therefore, the longer the hair, the more bundles you will need.