Five Reasons You Should Start a Wig Collection

Posted by Sharon R. on 2021 Dec 11th

Five Reasons You Should Start a Wig Collection

If you currently don’t own a wig, then you surely don’t know what you are missing. There are many advantages to owning and wearing wigs, and the good thing is, there are no limitations as to when, how or where you can wear them. Buy should you choose human hair wigs or synthetic wigs? Well, it depends.

It’s a fact that bad hair days are imminent at some point, because some days, our real human hair just won’t cooperate. Factors such as the humidity, temperature and climate can negatively affect your natural hair and alter its behavior. That is why it is always good to keep good wigs on hand which can do the job when needed.

1.Ready to Go Styles

If you are a busy individual, wigs will come in very handy. There are so many advantages to owning wigs. It is always good to own multiple wigs, especially if you are always on-the-go. The fact that there are so many different types of wigs means that you can have one, or several put aside for every occasion.

Wigs come in many different textures and lengths, so you can choose the ones that best fit your facial structure and are more practical to own if you need to leave home in a rush. The type of wigs you invest in will determine how much styling they need, but regardless they will save you time.

Some wigs need very little styling. Wigs with textures such as Kinky Curly and Water Wave Hair need only to be sprayed with a little water and perhaps a little product if needed and then finger combed. For such textures there is no need for heat styling so you can literally wear it out of the house as is.

For wigs which need pre-styling, here is how you can pre-style and prep them prior to wearing:

Prior to your event or outing, your wig can be easily pre-styled on a mannequin head and can sit until you are ready to wear it. For instance, if you have to go to work in the morning, you can style the wig the night before while watching TV and leave it on the mannequin head until the next morning. Once you wake up, all you need to do is slip it on and do some minor tweaking, then you’re ready to go.

2.Protect Your Real Hair

Wigs are great options for protective styling. With our real hair, we need to constantly comb it, brush it and add products which contain ingredients most of us cannot even pronounce. Depending on your hair type there will almost always be the need to heat style or blow dry frequently. All of this tension, tugging, pulling and manipulation can cause breakage and weaken your real hair. Wigs give your real hair a break and protect from:

  • Heat styling
  • The Elements
  • Constant combing, brushing, and manipulating (which can cause breakage and damage)
  • Over processing which can be caused by coloring or chemical treatments

3.Change Your Look

A wig collection will provide you with a hairstyle for every occasion. Look elegant, or take on a more casual look, or wear an everyday look. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.


Since wigs are available in so many different colors, lengths and textures, you have many options to choose from. Depending on where you are going, you may choose to wear a wig which is more subtle. These usually would be wigs in black and dark brown colors which do not draw too much attention. But if you are used to wearing longer hair, a short hairdo always makes a statement, and a nice short pixie wig would usually do the trick.

On the other hand, if color is your thing and you are one of the people who absolutely love colorful hair, then you will enjoy having a wig collection. Wigs come in Ombre Hair Colors, Solid Hair Colors, Piano and Frosted hair colors. They even come in Neon colors now, including bright shades of yellow, blue and green. Really, there are no limits. So if coloring your hair every few weeks is not an option, then you really want to look at investing in some nice colorful wigs.

5.Hide Hair Loss

If you suffer from hair loss issues, this can be devastating. Many women all over the world suffer from hair loss issues due to different reasons. This can take a toll on mental health and can lower confidence levels. Thankfully, wigs are the perfect option to hide any type of hair loss you may be experiencing, whether the loss is partial or complete. You could start with a small collection and grow it overtime so that you have a wig for any occasion, and you can step out with confidence.

The Big Advantages

The advantage with wigs is that they can be pre-styled and quickly installed when needed. You never have to worry about what humidity and climate conditions will do to your wig because they tend to stand up better than our real hair when they are challenged by the elements and the environment.

Unlike in years past, wigs are being made now to look as natural as possible. A good quality lace wig will look like it is coming from your scalp. Although non-lace wigs are lace-free, many of them still have a natural look to them since the finishing on the edge of the wigs nowadays is usually thinner than older wig types, so it sits flatter around the circumference.


Whether you are suffering from hair loss, are a busy person or a fashionista, wigs are great must haves to add to your fashion collection. Wigs are very versatile and have several uses including hiding hair loss, acting as a protective layer for your real hair and saving you time when you need a quick but nice hairstyle in a rush. As technology progresses, wigs are becoming more and more natural looking. They have also become available with more cap options and different types of color combinations.

To begin your wig collection, start with one wig that you really like. You can then add more to your collection as time goes by. The more wigs you own, the more versatility you will have and the better you will become at mastering the styling of your wigs.