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Body Wave Weave Bundles

Body Wave Weave

We have high quality body wave weave in several color variations and lengths. Our body wave bundles are top quality virgin hair and can be easily heat styled to suit your needs. Dye and bleach our virgin hair to your requirements. Our high quality body wave weave hair is easy to manage and will last a long time with good care. If you are looking for top quality Body Wave Weave, we have it. This Body Wave human hair is from 100% pure virgin human hair and is long lasting. This Body Wave Hair is double-wefted to prevent shedding and cuticle aligned to prevent tangling. Our Body Wave Weave Hair is all natural and can be curled, straightened and styled to your liking.


Body Wave Weave Hair

These body wave hair bundles are soft, natural, and beautiful. Whether you prefer body wave bundles with closure or without, we have them all. Our body wave weave with closure will give you a complete and seamless hair style. Our body wave human hair is versatile so switch up your hairstyle whenever you feel like it. Use your favorite tools to redefine your waves and keep them looking fresh. This body wave human hair is sure to give you the fabulous look you are looking for, no matter what style you are thinking of creating. Buy body wave human hair weave that can be worn to any occasion and will blend well with any outfit. Our body wave hair weave also comes in different colors and textures to suit your style, so choose your favorite one. We carry body wave remy hair in different lengths so if you like body wave hair short, long, or medium-length, we have them all. Our Body wave extensions are functional and are perfect or you to wear to work or to wear to any event. Need Brazilian body wave hair bundles? We have those too. If you want the best quality wavy hair bundles that are easy to handle and will last you a long time with good care, try this body wave today!

Body Wave Weave

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If you are looking for quality hair bundles, choose from our collection. Go ahead! Browse our body wave hair. We carry Brazilian Body Wave, Peruvian Body Wave, Malaysian Body Wave, Indian Body Wave and Brazilian Body Wave Hair in Remy Grade. This body wave human hair is available in several lengths and is 100% human hair body wave hair weave. As you browse through our selection, you will notice that this hair weave is available in different sized bundle lots from 1 bundle to 4 bundles and also body wave bundles with closure. Body wave hair is one of the more popular hair types which are purchased. This hair is soft, flowing and easy to manage. If you prefer not to heat style this hair, the waves will stay for the life of the hair with proper care. Our standard body wave bundles are natural color (1B). All of our hair is heat treated and sanitized to ensure that you get fresh hair bundles every time. Although our standard bundles are natural color, we also offer bundles which are pre-colored. Some of our stocked colored body wave weave includes #1 (Jet Black), #2 (Black Brown), #4 (Dark Brown), #33 (Auburn), Burgundy, 99J, #27 (Blonde) and #613 (Blonde). You can buy these shades in either solid color or ombre shades. We also stock the ombre shade 1B/4/27 which is natural black at the weft, brown at the mid-shaft and blonde at the ends. You can always request for us to create custom color variations to suit your specific needs. Our body wave hair is very versatile and can be styled in different ways depending on your needs. Our hair bundles can be paired and matched with our lace frontals and our lace closures to allow you to have a complete style. We have body wave weaves with matching 4x4 closure, matching 13x4 closure or matching 360 frontal. Maintenance is easy. If you find that your hair is looking a bit frizzy, just use a light spray of water and apply a little leave in conditioner to revive the natural waves. When the hair has buildup, you need to wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and apply a light spray of leave in conditioner after you have towel blotted the hair. We also carry remy body wave. This hair is of high quality and can be bleached and dyed to your liking. This hair is also soft and manageable and is available in different bundle lots in 1 bundle,2 bundles, 3 bundles and 4 bundles. You can also buy this hair with and without lace closure or lace frontal. Our body wave human hair is available from 8 inch to 30 inch with 10 inch to 28 inch being the most regularly in-stock lengths.


How to install this hair
This hair can be installed easily. You can install it as a sew in or if you prefer as a bonded hairstyle with hair glue. A sew in will of course last longer as hair bond can tend to loosen after a while and release from its sealed position. Whichever installation you choose, you need to ensure that you create a solid base upon which to install your hair tracks. Usually, most people start with a base of corn rows which can be either your own hair or your own hair reinforced with braiding hair such as kanekalon braids. Some like to sew the weave directly on cornrows which others like to place a mesh or a mesh wig cap over the corn rows to allow for sewing in areas where the cornrows may have too much space between them. With a mesh covering, the hair will last longer as cornrows will loosen as you real hair grows out, making the base less solid. On the other hand, bonding is method which is commonly used for quick weaves. It is faster to complete and the hair will not stay on as long but you would be able to achieve the same hairstyle nevertheless. The process however is simple. You just place the glue on the hair tracks apply it where you want to place it on your head. Prior to placing glued on tracks, hair should always be properly protected with a stocking cap and/or protective solution to ensure that none of the hair bond sticks onto your real hair as this can cause damage when removing the hair weave.


Ordering Body Wave Bundles
We offer body wave bundles in several lengths and hair types including Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian and Brazilian Body Wave hair with our most popular type being the Brazilian body wave bundles followed by our Peruvian Body Wave. This hair is easy to maintain and style. You can comb the hair and hot curl it with your favorite heat styling tool. These hair extensions are 100% virgin human hair and are constructed to prevent shedding. This curly hair has cascading waves which last all day and the wave pattern is an S formation.


If you like wavy hair, our weave bundles is the right hair for you. Our body wave bundles are soft, silky smooth, flexible, and will give you beautiful waves that stay in place all day and all night. Made from the best quality 100% human hair, this body wave for hair is cuticle-aligned to prevent tangling and easily heat styles with your favorite hair tool. Redefine your waves with your favorite wave iron and create all types of hairstyles for different occasions. We guarantee that our human hair is 100% real hair and is not mixed with any other fibers, so know you are always getting real human hair. Our Body Wave Virgin Hair Bundles come in different lengths and colors, so choose the ones which best your style and your outfits. Our body wave hair is suitable for all occasions. This hair is flexible when it comes to styling and can be worn in various casual styles or switch it up for your formal events. Adorn this body wave with accessories to take your hairstyle to the next level. We carry long body wave hair up to 30 inches or short lengths from 8 inches so choose which lengths you like. Also, we carry different types including Brazilian body wave hair. 3 Bundles will give you a full style but add a fourth one if you like lots of volume in your hairstyle. You can wear this hair as a sew-in or glue in these bundles to make a quick weave. Buy this hair with a matching closure or lace frontal and use these body wave extensions to create a seamless hairstyle or to make a wig. If you want wavy hair bundles that are all-natural, of high quality, and are versatile enough to be styled several ways, try our hair. You will love it!