5 Must-Have Products to Use For Wig Maintenance

Have you ever wondered how some ladies keep their 
lace front wigs and non-lace wigs looking fresh all the time? hair care productsWell, it is all to do with the products and the level of care the wig receives. Good maintenance is very important, especially if you want to maximize the life of your hair unit.

There are so many wonderful hair products on the market and more ones keep coming out all the time. It is impossible to mention them all here, so I will just mention 5 of my favorites for keeping wigs looking fresh and beautiful whether Synthetic or Human Hair.

#1: Argan Oil Spray

When I came across this product, I was so happy. I was on a months long search looking for a product that I could use on my hair, my wigs and hair bundles. Something that would lubricate the hair strands without making them wet to provide that nice slide when I heat style while infusing moisture and sheen into the hair. It was quite a search, but the first time I used this product, I was in shock to see how smooth it kept the hair all day and how much healthier it kept looking. This product works well for both Synthetic and Human Hair. You must try it. To properly use, just mist onto the hair while wet or you can mist it on along with your heat protectant before heat styling. This is a great product and is suitable for any hair texture. A great brand is One N Only which can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply.

#2: Detangling Spray

With good quality Human Hair, you should not encounter any tangling issues. With Synthetic Wigs however, tangling 

woman with hair oil

is possible. The severity of the tangling will be determined by how well the wig is treated. If you encounter tangling a good quality detangler spray can aid in saving your wig. This will help the hair to unravel so that when you comb you avoid pulling and snagging the hair resulting in damage to the hair fibers. This is really useful if you are trying to detangle Lace Front Wigs, since lace is more tender than the fabric the rest of the wig is made with.

#3: Garnier Whole Blends Shampoos

There are quite a lot of shampoos out there, but all shampoos are not equal. Some are very drying on hair and can strip moisture and color from hair. All moisturizing shampoos are also not equal. Although there are many great brands, I love the Garnier Whole Blends Shampoos. They are highly hydrating and infuse large amounts of moisture in the hair before even applying conditioner. They come in several pleasant but not overpowering fragrances and they are very affordable.

#4: Garnier Whole Blends Conditioners

When used in conjunction with the Whole Blends Shampoos, your hair will be super soft and silky. This conditioner also works well on Synthetic Hair to replace any lost moisture and to soften the fibers for easy styling. You do not need to apply a whole lot. Just enough to coat the strands and a little finger combing will do the job. What is best about these conditioners is that they work quickly, so no need to wait 10 or 15 minutes for these conditioners to do their job.

#5: Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener? I know this sounds crazy right? Well not so much. You see, this product is built to soften fibrous materials which applies to both human and synthetic hair. If you have a wig seems like it cannot be revived, fabric softener is a little secret ingredient which you can add to your wig regimen when necessary. If the hair is very dry or tangled, mixing a little fabric softener with your hydrating conditioner can bring your wig back to life. This works well with both Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair Wigs.

For more information on wig care, see our Human Hair Wig Information & Buyers Guide.


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