2x6 Lace Closure

2x6 lace closures
2x6 lace closures

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Buy High Quality 2×6 Lace Closures

With a 2×6 closure, you can easily create a middle part or a side part depending on where you place the closure. These 2×6 closures are made from high-quality 100% human hair with its cuticles still intact to prevent tangles and to promote easy styling. The hair is soft, smooth, and easy to heat style with no worries. A 2×6 closure sometimes referred to ad a 6×2 closure, can be treated like your real hair.

The match perfectly with our hair bundles and can be bleached, dyed, and cut just like your own hair. With our 2×6 closures, you can close your weave to give a seamless finish to your style. If you need a side part or a middle part with a natural-looking finish, our 2×6 lace closure can do the job. Get your 2×6 hair closure today!